by shy

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Songs recorded September 2014.


released October 17, 2014

Ben Relampagos//Drums, Bass, Guitars and Vocals
Recorded and mixed by Caleb Misclevitz


tags: punk emo Portland


all rights reserved


shy Portland, Oregon


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Track Name: I
Do you love me to death because we're damaged goods?
Listening to Radiohead to sleep, you don't have to say what you're thinking.
You're slipping off the skin that you cut inside.
You never have to say what you're thinking.
Track Name: II
I'm a hypocrite but that's okay I think I'm fine with that.
I'm only speaking, in contradictions.
Comic croons and cries then gets upset when it doesn't turn out right.
I'm bad reading facial expressions.

You want me dead that's what I like about you
because I want to be dead too.

It's strange to walk into a relapse again.
I'm feeling out of place again.
Pulling at your heart strings.
Reminding me we can't be friends.
Track Name: III
Self-medicate until I'm happy.
I'll be patient until it's happening again.
I'll never be bored again.
I'll never be happy.

I'd much prefer to sleep with a cold shoulder
than to sleep with a soda can on my back alone.
I hoped for this but then I choked on my spit
when I'm honest I'm nervous.
I sleep in the threshold so you can walk all over me
every morning.
Track Name: IV
I'm so tired of feeling like I owe you an explanation for my reactions.
Wont apologize in advanced.
Fingers crossed for second chances.
It's a risk, but I took the long way home.
You're losing me
to a lack of sleep
I'm only temporary.