My Bad Hair Day

by shy

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Most of these songs were written recently, but a few are ideas are circa 2014 that got further developed. Thank you to everyone who's been patient with me during these past few months with all the weird bouts of mania, grief and depression.

These are first takes off my phone that I decided to release under this moniker.


released April 20, 2017

Recorded in my parents basement bathroom with all the Three Stooges memorabilia with my phone on top of my father's boxes of ammunition.

by Benardo Relampagos



all rights reserved


shy Portland, Oregon


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Track Name: Mouth Breather
I used to play dead underneath the sheets
while you hung from the ceiling.
I'm split in two playing tag with myself.
If relax, then I'd fall to pieces.

Continue scratching at the paint.
In solitude my teeth decay.
With this paper bag around my mouth,
I promise nothing will come out.

Like wolves in fleece jackets
they remain enigmatic.
So slide between my collar
fill my throat up with blood.
You couldn't stand my taciturn response
to hid in the wallpaper.

Quit breathing with your mouth open.
I'm losing sleep it's disgusting.
I"m breathing with my open.
Track Name: Hands Out of the Water
Won't you carve out your heart
I've been trying to hollow mine with distance
so I"m swallowing my instincts.
These feelings are just decor.
I"m starting to feel like I'm just useless.
I feel like I'm your whore.

Growing further with idle chatter.
You're grinding your teeth down to the cuticles,
it's cute, you know.

So bring it up
spill your guts on the sidewalk
clean it up with some small talk

So you coughed up your weakness
you were trying to breathe in.
You collapse from your weak knees,
you were just trying to sleep in
Track Name: Fairfax
I'd rather be awkward than jaded
I've seen what that cancer does to your mouth
ties your tongue in knots that won't come out.
I've been chasing your name for consecutive summers
been running in place while you made your escape
you ran far away
so I killed you with kind words
and buried you in my notebook
a shallow grave.
the daft epitaph you've been hiding in your face.
Fairfax's a casket that you'll never want to leave.

You say you never felt that way
but you never felt the weight disappear.

Cursive, under your breath
"I'm just sleepless."
Track Name: Splinters
I tried hard not to be a stranger but I'm just passing.
Speak softly so I'll come closer until I fall over.
As my bones splinter and shatter into my skin
Running out in traffic wondering are you really listening?

If this sliver of confidence can't anchor my eyelids.

I hoped for this then I choked on my spit
when I'm honest I'm nervous
so I sleep in the threshold
so you can walk all over me every morning.
Track Name: Haunted Home
Why can't this casket sing without the sacrifice of a life?
Does this pretense precede me or am I just speaking to
ghosts of you.

If this haunted house becomes a home
I'd settle down and watch you grow old.

Adlib the never chorus
to end this argument.
You say it's not a competition
what are you still competing for?